The success of any Web-design is ultimately judged on the end user’s overall experience. Hence while the development of any website, the end-user's needs as well as expectations from the product are considered in the first place.  Webtization’s design process balances technical functionality and visual elements in order to create a system that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to clients’ changing needs. Being one of the UX UI design companies, Webtization ensures that we offer the easiest interface for our customers to interact with, this is ensured through our extensive user interface design website outputs. This also helps the end-user to gain a good market value in the end.


User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two coexisting terms that are usually mentioned simultaneously.


The user interface refers to a series of screens or pages and visual elements such as buttons, color schemes, and icons.


The user experience, as the term goes, refers to the designer’s experience and their approach to designing a product. UX is not about visuals - it focuses more on the look and feel of a product. Every designer has to follow certain principles and guidelines before developing prototypes and screens.


UI Design

Sakshem IT consider it as the main part, i.e. the designing part which must be given priority even before anything else. It knows how important are the illustrations, themes, and overall usability through the color combinations. Despite catering to all this, it never foregoes the basic criteria of the customer’s end result. We ensure that the design is thoroughly validated and approved by our end client.


UX Design

Under the user experience, Sakshem IT is stringent towards the overall Content, Interaction, Navigation, Interface, Graphics, Architecture, and in a total of everything. So as to give a comfortable and positive outlook to the client.


Front-end Development

Sakshem IT’s Development team uses the front-end Graphics in such a way that they are eye-catchy also become front-end responsive at the same time. We have many themes and plug-in integrations, that suit our responsive front-end design even more. We make Entirely customizable and user-friendly end products for our clients through their architecture and designs. 


UX-UI Testing

Before giving the end product to our clients, we always prefer to test it priorly. We check for all the graphics and features must match our client’s needs and wish. In short, the overall product must meet the vision our client had from it as well as from us.


There are certain principles associated with UI and UX Designing which are:-

  1. UX Designing- Basic principles are:

  • using both pieces of knowledge in the world and knowledge in the head.

  • designing for errors.

  • making things visible.

UX designing is related to the knowledge that the designer has regarding different domains and products.


  1. UI Designing- It is the basic interaction between the user and a product or machine. The user interface is usually related to tangible items. Its basic principles are :

  •  Efficiency

  • Clarity

  • Familiarity

  • Consistency

UI design considers the product’s look, feel, and interactivity in websites and apps. It all comes down to making a product’s user interface as simple as possible, which includes carefully evaluating each visual and interactive aspect the user may encounter.