While building an App for Business development many people consider Android to be the most suitable platform, But why?. Android devices compass 85% of the world’s mobile market. This means if you are choosing Android as a platform you will reach the maximum target audience increasing your brand awareness at the same time.

The popularity of Android is not just because of its widespread availability and app diversity that can be found in the Google Play store. It also incorporates many cutting edges technologies into Android mobile Apps and tools helping the App in running with speed and efficiency. 


Android Instant Apps

This is a time-saving technology that allows quickly checking up an App without installing it into the device. It saves end-users time and helps them to use the App faster. E-commerce businesses and game developers take a lot of advantage from instant Apps. The technology makes it easier for the business to advertise their products and attract potential customers. Users don’t have to go to the Play store and search for the App, they can easily run the App on Google.


AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are widely used for Android development. They underpin such digital solutions as voice assistants and chatbots, Big Data processing, analytics, automation, and many others.

When you implement AI and ML in your App, you give customers a better experience. They can:-

  1. Automate routine tasks such as classifying tickets by topic, sending messages, and setting reminders.
  2. Improve user recommendations, forming them based on customer preferences.
  3. enhance filter configuration on e-Commerce sites.


Internet of Things(IoT)

In 2021, there were two mobile App development trends – 5G and Internet of Things(IoT).5G is expected to give a nice rise to the IoT by promoting from houses to cities.

Besides the bright prospect in the future, it’s already giving benefits embedding IoT in Mobile Apps. IoT Solutions are used in:-

  1. Smart fitness trackers empowered by GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope devices for better movements, location, and workout tracking;
  2. Smart Home Trackers tracking temperature, lighting, security status, Etc. and whatnot.


Blockchain Technology

It’s a quickly developing technology of how the financial sector works. It is predicted to transform well-established financial institutions, bring the operational costs down, accelerate and better secure money transactions and sensitive data exchange. Many banks and finance-related companies are already implementing blockchain in their practices. Paypal experiments with Blockchain.

It can help in making decentralized Apps, making the apps more secure by increasing business operations transparency.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This technology is meant for publishers, e-commerce companies, advertisers, SMM managers, and other specialists.AMP is on top of web building technologies in 2023.


AR and VR Technology 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality aren’t new technologies in Android development. While using these two technologies companies take their customers to new levels. Google Maps uses AR upgrades to navigate around a city by placing a virtual map over real street views.



Also known as Mobile commerce, it involves monetary transactions customers can carry out using their smartphones. They include:

  1. Mobile money transferring;
  2. Electronic boarding passes, E-tickets, E-coupons, electronic loyalty cards;
  3. E-commerce;
  4. Mobile banking;
  5. Contactless payments and payments in mobile apps, and others.


Multiplatform Development (Flutter)

Flutter Technology from Google is the future of native Apps. With this framework, mobile developers can build a native App that fits both Android and iOS platforms without sacrificing their native app functionality.